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Robotic Under Body Wash

SCHUMAK automatic under chassis washer consists of 7 high impact stainless steel nozzles on a moving carriage.The high impact water delivered from the nozzles flushes out all the dirt in 45 seconds. The water consumption is as minimal as 45 liters per car.This Under Chassis Washer is capable of delivering an effective wash, to any passenger car in the International market of any length, width & ground clearance.

  • Underbody wash for cars and SUVS.
  • Washing done by this machine reduces Time,Man Power and Cost.
  • Since the car length is sensed automatically ,water consumption is less.
  • Removes mud, oil and hardened dirt more efficiently.
  • 100% Jet impact with Zero Spray degree to achieve better cleaning efficiency
  • Cleans the entire underbody of the car in 45 seconds.
  • No necessasity to lift the car for washing.
  • Increased Productivity.
  • Digital counter counts the number of cars washed per day.
  • Manual pressure regulator gun is provided to clean the wheel arches and engine bay.
  • 7 numbers of high impact stainless steel nozzles and critical components.
  • High pressure is generated by a 7.5HP vertical multistage pump.
  • Automatic car length sensing.
  • Suitable for Off roaders, SUVs etc.
  • Power consumption per car: 0.1 unit.
  • Time consumption per car:45 seconds.
  • Water consumption per car:45 litres.
  • Digital counter counts the number of cars being washed.
  • Manual pressure regulating gun is provided to clean the wheel arches.
Pit dimensions (LxWxH)5500x850x325 mm
No. of nozzles7 nos
Input Supply3 Ph, 415 v, 50 Hz
Connected Load8 HP
Power Consumption per car0.07 Units
Time Consuming for one cycle40 Sec ( Excluding Wheel Arch Cleaning )
Water Consumption per car45-55 Litres ( Depends on car Length )
Operating pressure24 bar
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