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Interactive Lift

SCHUMAK Interactive bay scissor lift is Gleam-hydraulic, double scissor with
2 HP power pack for under body inspection before taking delivery from

  • Perfect for servicing cars.
  • Portable motor cart serves as tow handle to easily move lift from bay to bay.
  • Adjustable arm assemblies
  • Safety lock bar with multiple lock positions.
  • Fast and efficient operation.
  • Adapters included free of charge.
  • High performed durable hydraulic cylinders composed by double pressure seals.
  • Master and slave cylinder synchronized system.
  • Extra low 110mm height profile.
  • Air cylinder operated locking device.
  • Rubber pads on the platform to protect the vehicle chassis.
  • De-synchronization detecting electronic photo-cell.
Power2 Hp
Weight4 Ton
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