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This amazing performance of SCHUMAK HURRICANE heavy-duty pump enables us to clean a maximum number of cars within a short period. The astonishing performance of  HURRICANE also helps our partners triple their profit.

The strength of SCHUMAK in collaboration with European technology is responsible for this exclusive performance. Our attention to minute details and our aim for perfection have helped us manufacture this exclusive car washing system.

  • HURRICANE clean the toughest of grimy spots and dirt without requiring manual scrubbing.
  • It can clean the cars within a few minutes.
  • This machine is best for cleaning 25-30 cars within a day.
  • The astonishing HURRICANE also help our partners triple their profit.
  • HURRICANE guarantees durable performance as pump head which is made of forged brass makes it last for years. The performance of our car-washers remains the same despite continuous use.
  • The thick ceramic pistons also increase the durability of this pump. These pistons enable HURRICANE to pump water continuously without depreciation of efforts.
  • This system has scientifically designed intake and delivery valves that guarantee a larger passage of water to create forceful spray.
  • HURRICANE also uses double-gasket sealing system that prevents any type of leakage.
  • This ingenious technology helps us clean maximum number of cars using a moderate quantity of water. With this advanced pump, we put an end to the wastage of water.
  • The double lipped oil seals put an end to the leakage of oil when using our car-washers.
  • HURRICANE oversized shaft has a long end section. The pump can generate a powerful torque with the help of this oversized shaft
  •  Pump body and cover in die cast aluminum alloy.
  •  One-piece ceramic pistons.
  •  Side cover with incorporate oil sight glass.
  •  Pump head in pressed brass.
  •  Rear cover with oil drain outlet.
  •  Double gasket sealing system.
  •  Pistons driven by crank-connecting rod.
  •  Intake and delivery valves have plugs for easier maintenance.
  •  Pump shaft in pressed high-strength steel.
  •  Increase work efficiency and employee retention by putting right accessories in the right place.
  • Connecting rods in die cast special low-friction zinc aluminum alloy.
Motor HP5 hp
Maximum Working Pressure170 bar
Output13 LPM
Hose & Gun10 mt
Length Hose with Trigger Gun Lance
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