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GV Kone

GV KONE is the product of  LAVORWASH a worldwide leader in cleaning industry for the past 45 years.This steamer is best for cleaning the AC vents ,engine bay and interior of cars.

Lavor PRO steam cleaner GV Kone sanitizes and sterilizes every surface with steam power, without using detergents or disinfectants. GV Kone is environmental friendly. Steam regulation allows washing adjusting considering the surface to be treated: in this way every kind at surface has the right treatment. The machine is user friendly and has a wide range of accessories: GV Kone is a comfortable and safe daily working tool. Steam cleaning Function is perfect in shops, premises, offices as well as in household application and removes the toughest and hidden dirt while eliminating mites, germs and bacteria.

  • Satured steam at A bar at a temperature at 143°C
  • Boiler 2,3 kW
  • Heating and activation time required: 10 min
  • Pressure switch
  • Double thermostat
  • Cap with protection against anti-unscrewing and safety valve
  • Handy accessory compartment with electric cable holder
  • Control panel with lamps
  • Impact resistant covers ‘ Steam regulation
  • Thermometer
  • Power cable 6 rn.
Max steam pressure4 bar
Temperature143° C
Boiler absorbed power2300 W / 220-240V ~ 50Hz
Steam production80kg/h max
Boiler typeAluminium
volume2,4 l
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