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KOLUMBO is the product of  LAVORWASH a worldwide leader in cleaning industry for the past 45 years.It’s the only High featured machine in the world that can spray steam and wax simultaneously. It’s capable of generating high- pressure steam at 10 bar pressure. The Wash & Wax as a single potent action forces out tiniest dust and sand particles off the car with high-pressure steam. The moisture element flows down to pick up the residues off the surface. The wax mixing device sprays warm wax to car surface leaving coating  as wipe off moisture.

  • It consumes very little water (90% less than normal
    high-pressure cleaners) and does not require connection to
    the water supply.
  • It does not require a collection tank to dispose of water reflux.
  • Thanks to the high temperature that degreases and dissolves
    dirt, no polluting chemical products are required.
  • Easy to use where required, it does not require connection to
    the water supply, the operator does not require special work
    clothing, excess water is not wasted.
  • Ideal for maintenance cleaning and makes the bodywork of
    your car or motorbike shine without the risk of damaging it
    with the mechanical action of the high-pressure water.
  • Vertical burner with high thermal efficiency steel coil
  • Auxiliary motor for burner
  • Discharge valve: allows a complete discharge of the boiler
  • Temperature regulator: the temeprature is set-up by an electronic regulator
  • Steam pressure gauge
  • Temperature regulator
  • Low fuel lamp
  • Integrated detergent tank with detergent delivery controlled by the gun
  • Double pipe gasoil pump
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Unit can be continually refilled
  • Battery version: Kolumbo Cordless code 8.628.0025


Max steam pressure10 bar
Temperature178° C
Absorbed power350 W / 230V ~ 50Hz (Ph 1)
Steam production37.5 kg/h
Burner type/fuel consumptionDiesel / 3 l/h
Water tank Capacity25 litres
Diesel tank Capacity25 litres
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