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METIS is the product of  LAVORWASH a worldwide leader in cleaning industry for the past 45 years.METIS is a portable and ecological steam generator with a diesel fuel boiler. Unlimited autonomy thanks to no-stop water tank refilling. It does not leave residues after cleaning. It allows sanitising tasks thanks to the combined use of steam and pressure.

  • It consumes very little water (90% less than normal
    high-pressure cleaners) and does not require connection to
    the water supply.
  • It does not require a collection tank to dispose of water reflux.
  • Thanks to the high temperature that degreases and dissolves
    dirt, no polluting chemical products are required.
  • Easy to use where required, it does not require connection to
    the water supply, the operator does not require special work
    clothing, excess water is not wasted.
  • Ideal for maintenance cleaning and makes the bodywork of
    your car or motorbike shine without the risk of damaging it
    with the mechanical action of the high-pressure water.
  • Vertical burner with high thermal efficiency steel coil
  • Auxiliary motor for burner
  • Discharge valve: allows a complete discharge of the boiler
  • Temperature regulator: the temperature is set up by an electronic regulator
  • Steam pressure gauge
  • Low fuel indicator
  • Double pipe gasoil pump
  • User friendly control panel
  • Unit can be continually refilled
  • Provided with 2 outputs for simultaneous work of two different operators.


Max steam pressure10 bar
Temperature178° C
Absorbed power350 W / 230V ~ 50Hz (Ph 1)
Steam production dry50 kg/h
Steam production wet90 kg/h
Burner typeDiesel
Fuel consumption2,83 l/h
Water tank capacity18 liters
Fuel tank capacity18 liters
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