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About us

Semi Hydraulic Washing Lifts

SCHUMAK EQUIPMENT ( India ) PVT  Ltd (An ISO 9001 company) is a worldwide leader in automotive service equipment since 1999 and offers a wide and complete range of garage equipments suitable for all OEM workshop and private garage relying on 20 years experience.

Over the years,SCHUMAK has grown from strength to strength facing many challenges on the way to becoming  a specialist manufacturer of automobile washing ,servicing and detailing equipments with CE certification and TUV certification.The philosophy of SCHUMAK is customer satisfaction which is the driving force behind our success and leadership in the field.

Today,SCHUMAK by the name spells reliability,quality and value for money to customers in India and Overseas. Our garage equipments/service station products are made in perfection to suit the modern aspirations.

Our Certifications