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Paint Booth

Paint booth has been a mandatory equipment in bodyshop. They are used to ensure dust free operation during the painting process so that the quality of the painting is improved. It has a paint baking facility for proper drying of painted area.This helps in getting factory finish paint quality. It prevents the operator from inhaling the hazardous paint fumes.

SCHUMAK paint booth is designed to cater to all painting requirements for both water and solvent borne paints. Our paint booth distinguishes itself for high performance , low power consumption , high reliability and ease of operation. We have different configurations of paint booth to accommodate most of the Indian CARS/SUV/MPV/LCV .

  • Suitable for all types of painting applications
  • Baking/drying of paints
  • All parts can be painted inside the paint booth
  • Downdraft type
  • Dust free painting chamber
  • Better velocity for exhaust of paint fumes
  • Puff insulated panels for longer life and better heat insulation
  • High capacity burner for quick drying of painted area
  • Service doors for easy access (only in 7 Meter)
  • Improves quality of paint job
  • Reduces rework and refinish job thus increases the productivity
  • Arrest paint fumes on base filters which controls pollution
  • Reduces the safety hazard of operator by reducing the fumes in the chamber
  • Higher fuel efficiency during the baking mode
  • Extractor unit (only for 7 meters , available on request for 6 M and 6.75 M)
Internal dimension6.75×3.72 x 2.45 m
Power Supply3 Phase , 415 volts , 50 Hz with neutral and earth
Metal basement330 mm
Inlet blower rating7.5 HP (5.5 Kw)
Extractor ratingNA (can be provided on request)
Burner Capacity1,80,000 Kcal/h
Inlet blower air capacity18,000 m3/h
Air velocity inside the painting chamber0.2 m/sec
Service doorNA
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